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You Can Help

You can start the change. Sometimes the path seems too hard or too long, and filled with ways you might make things worse along the way. That is why you need help, not just for yourself, but for everyone you care about. That is why we are here. You don't have to do it alone. You don't have to walk blindly in the dark. Let us lead you. Let us show you each step to take, and which to avoid. With years of experience and many women and children in a healthier place as a result, you can feel safe and confident that we will not lead you astray.

Through understanding and applying the techniques you have offered in the C3 sessions I have benefitted immensely. I have been able to make better choices in my life and finally I can be at peace. I have become able to see life clearly and calmly. Now I am making better choices.

Ms. Anna, 55

This is a great group. 
Thank you for all the information and guidance you give out raising awareness. 
Supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Dr Karen Johnson; Author of "Out of the Corner"

Everyone is affected

Yes, even you and those you care about. You CAN help, and we can guide you with each step. Learn how to detach and avoid each of the 13 abusive types with this E-book.


Identify - Defend - Detach

It is not easy to prevent or disconnect from abuse, and the sad truth is that millions of abusers and victims are drawn together every day, inflicting and experiencing suffering. They are imprinting these negative patterns on their family, friends, neighbors, and children who witness abuse and share in the emotional toll. Domestic abuse is a disease transmitted person to person that affects everyone in our society. With the right tools and sincere persistence, suffering from domestic abuse can end. Read some blog posts to learn more, check out our 13 abusive types E-books, or do your part to provide relief to sufferers of abuse