About Ending The Abuse - End the cycle of abuse, violence, and neglect

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We are dedicated to providing help to people who suffer from abuse. Everybody is the worth effort! We're here to show you how, step by step, one small action at a time.

We have combined ancient Buddhist and Hindu practices with modern Psychology, Sociology, and even public and private resources to develop a system. The system, in each of its parts, aims to address all the aspects of Ending the Abuse.

External Options - The dynamic related to appearances. How someone appears to you, and how you appear to others. The 5 major types of domestic behavior patterns (and the combination of them) can be observed through observation techniques and strategies, official records, and through their friends and previous relationships.

Internal Options - Includes methods to manage one's own emotions, reactions, and behaviors. It describes calming the mind, more clearly determining the nature and intended consequences of the actions of others, and choosing how to respond to these actions.

Agency Options - Describes outside public, private, formal, and informal resources that are designed to provide assistance regarding unwanted behavior. These include, but are not limited to, law enforcement, the courts, parole agencies, Department of Child and Family Services, child welfare agencies, clubs and social groups, non-profits, and the list goes on.

Ally Options - Possibly the most valuable resource: friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors as a means to build defenses against being bullied, abused, stalked, harassed, or manipulated. Almost everyone that is asked for support will be happy to stand by the side of a victim.

Through years of experience working within the legal system as a state trained Domestic Violence Advocate, as a licensed private investigator and profiler, and as a former professor, university analyst, and dean, and by observing hundreds of victims of abuse that go right back to their abusive partner, or straight into another abusive relationship, we believe there is a better way. 

We want to help you, your friends, and your family to walk a safer path. Confident that each step is one closer to living a fulfilling, secure, and healthy life.

We want to know the issues you are dealing with right now. What are you dealing with or what were you looking for that led you to find this page? Putting everything we have online, in a way that is useful is our highest priority, but we can only do so much at one time. If you can share your concerns, for yourself or someone you care about, we can do a better job of putting the content up that will make the biggest difference.